Seeking The Horizon

Last week, I got to see Daniel Campisi, my best friend, for the first time in years. Since I went to visit him, he took me on my first trip to an ocean–any ocean.

c1zjdzpviaavwjyDuring my time in LA, we discussed many things, as friends do. One of those things was the upcoming Rogue’s Gallery release from Kapuha Press. (Links about that and more will come soon.) At first, I was excited about Rogue’s Gallery because it has a story I’m passionate about.

Well, that’s still true. When I first submitted, the story I was ridiculously excited about was one of my Night Lands stories, “The Mirror Of Tila.” Now, I’m most enthusiastic about Dan’s story, “It Matters How This Ends.”

Yes, there are other stories in Rogue’s Gallery. Currently, I’ve read two more of the stories. Oscar Wright and Emory James both have excellent tales. I’m looking forward to seeing the other features as well.

However, more than anyone else in my life, Dan has challenged me to keep going. He’s been my most ruthless editor–90-minute discussion about a seven-page chapter, for example–my most willing supporter, my most consistent sounding board for ideas.

Like any horizon, you can reach for it, but never grasp it. There are far too many treasures between where we stand and the edge of eternity.

Maybe that’s too deep. Maybe it’s just enough that I got to see something special for the first time while standing beside my best friend.


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