Inspiration Comes From Odd Boxes

Last night, I saw this bizarre religious display.

An assembly of priests from the now-dominant faction of their religion made a receiving line. The idol of their faith was displayed in reverence and brought before each priest. These priests would bow their heads and kiss the idol before it was passed to the next in turn.

Later, the head of this priestly order was given custody of the idol. The officiants made it clear: Though the priests had done the hard work, it was their leader who would reap the spoils.

I forgot to tell you the name of this religious ceremony: Kissing of the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The priest in question? They are called the Patriots.

Understand, I grew up in a place where football isn’t a thing. I can watch it in person and enjoy it. On television, it bores me.

I saw the sequence above and my eyes widened. This wasn’t an award ceremony, it was a worship service. The full implication of that, I will leave for another time and allow you to ponder.

My point today is that it inspired me.

No, I am not about to start keeping track of rushing yards or sacks or when a practice game breaks out in the middle of the real game. (Where I come from, “scrimmage” is a practice game where you don’t keep score.)

What I realized is, “I can use this as a sequence in my scifi book!” The book is called Souls of the Gods, it touches on politics, religion, power, and e-sports. Of course this is perfect to use as inspiration!

The lesson: Be willing to take inspiration from anything. You could find something amazing.


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