A Pair Of Invitations

This is me promoting myself. Or building my platform. Pick any buzzword you like.

Truthfully, I’ve been doing things with YouTube that I enjoy. Do these things help me establish myself as a writer? Critical thinker? I’ll leave that answer up to you.

I’ve been making YouTube videos for about a year. And I’ve done Twitch streaming since sometime last Fall. There are tools to integrate both of these together, making some of my visual offerings easier to set up.

For example, if I want to play Horizon: Zero Dawn in a couple of weeks (hint, hint), I start it up and hit one button to send the game play to Twitch in close to real time. With roughly five minutes of work after I’m done, I can have a new video on YouTube that’s part of a playlist.

Aside from that, I have two playlists I’m adding to regularly. One is creative, the other is more intellectual.

First up is Time To Draw.

This is where I draw something in real-time and discuss the subject. The topic could be a singer, a story I’m working on, a comic book character–I sit, draw, and record it. OK, for Season 2, I’ve been doing live Twitch streams.

Second is Between The Words.

The idea behind this series is to dig deeper into a book. As of this writing, I’ve released four videos discussing Our Revolution by Bernie Sanders. The next book I’ll discuss will likely be a fantasy, though I’m torn between two really good choices.

So far, I’ve been releasing these each Friday.

The path is a bit bumpy, but I’m getting something out there. In many ways, this is like the process of promoting a book. I tell someone about the project, give a few hints about what I’m doing with it, then make more. Is it working? Maybe.


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