Cover Reveal: Scars Of Shadow (1)

The preorder page is a go! My new dark fantasy serial, Scars Of Shadow, is about to launch.

scars-of-shadow-cover-01What will you find in this dark fantasy adventure? Let’s consult the dreaded summary…

Sarena, a cursed witch, wanders into a valley and discovers a bleeding wall on one side. The opposite direction serves as home to a village of refugees who despise those marked by the curse. Each night, defiled creatures emerge from the wall and attack the villagers.

The only hope Sarena has in curing her curse is to continue helping those in need, people like besieged refugees.

I bet that sounds a little familiar. Curses? Weird creatures? Hateful villagers?

Yes, friends, this is part of the same general setting of The Fanged Circle. Unlike those shorts, Scars Of Shadow will feature a singular protagonist as she goes on the latest leg of her journey.

This will be available widely on April 1, 2017, via Smashwords.

Further installments are planned to be released monthly.

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