Junk Writing

There are times when you get hung up. This is where I’ve been for the past few days.


In such times, we always need a way to spur ourselves into action. To get there, we can ask a few questions:

  • Am I burning myself out?
  • Am out of ideas?
  • Is this the right project?

One way to deal with those questions (especially the first two), is to clear your head. Now, you can distract yourself as I recently have. While relaxation of the mind is key, there is a more active tool available.

I call this junk writing.

Nothing special about this. You write junk. Not a mind sprint, not a brainstorming session.

You write junk.

To do this, you accept that you will sit down and write, yes. You must also say, “I’m going to write junk.”

Why in the name of God would you want to do this? It relaxes you.

More exact, this will detach your stress from the process of writing. Think about it. As your dwell again and again on the thought “What do I write?” you create stress. The frustration of not writing will fuel the mental strain that is keeping you from writing.

By detaching stress and writing, even to a small degree, your mind will be in a more relaxed state. From there, you can apply your focus wherever you need it most.

So write some junk and get on with your life. You’ll feel better.

Oh, and you might find some gems in the junk. But don’t worry about that, just write.


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