The Good, The Bad, & The Really Bad

In the span of five minutes, I heard three pieces of pop culture news that really stood out. I’m going to run with them in the order I saw them…

Those who know me, know my love of the X-Men. Those who know me best, know my favorite member of the mutant pantheon is X-Force founder and leader, Cable.


As promised in Deadpool movie, Cable is “cumming.” Extra good news, Josh Brolin gets to play a worthwhile Marvel character now. (I think Thanos is a one-trick pony.)


Greg Rucka is leaving Wonder Woman.

To be fair, the man has a lot to write. I enjoy his work. His initial work with “once-Princess, once-Goddess” Diana of Themyscira is what made me a fan of Greg Rucka’s work in the first place.

It made me a fan of Wonder Woman too. To use Rucka’s words, she is “the baddest motherfucker in the DC Universe.”


Charlie Murphy will tell no more True Hollywood Stories.

I first noticed Charlie Murphy as the resident tough guy on Chappelle’s Show. In season two, like many of the show’s fans, I learned that Charlie is Eddie Murphy’s older brother–and has seen it all.

Ever since then, I’ve quietly hoped for a great surge from Charlie Murphy, something to make him stand out even more than his brother or Dave Chappelle. It didn’t happen, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy his work.

Amazing thing, the Digital Age. In less than five minutes, one can learn of amazing, thrilling and heartbreaking things.

The truth of it all is this: We will triumph and we will lose. We cannot do everything. What matters is how we deal with each challenge as it rises.


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