I’ve Been Thinking


Plenty of things are on my mine. Some local, some national, all stressful.

I could march through here and call people out, name names, make life hell. Maybe it deserves to be hell. Maybe it already is.

The trick is that I’m a writer. My power comes from words and, more importantly, the ideas hiding between each word. More than anything else, I need to be writing. After that, I can edit, possibly even promote my work.

I can commentate on the actions of a repugnant man who’s weak temperament pushes past most forms of conflict, desperate to find the most nuclear of options.

I could talk about the unbridled greed of someone who should be a leader and is instead a flash in the pan.

Greed is your motivator, sir. If not for money, then to flaunt power.

But I will not call you out. Instead, I will sit, I will wait. Then I will write.


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