Rebuilding A Fantasy

Long ago, I mentioned a story I was enthused with called Ashes of War. A fantasy story with mechs and blood magic. The setting even has a magic ecology, even though I came up with it before reading a single Brandon Sanderson book.

Recently, I got an idea in my head: Why don’t I work on Ashes of War next?

I ran into a huge problem. All my notes, roughly 200-250 pages of material, was all on computers that had long since failed. The backups are on jump drives I’ve managed to lose.Luckily, I remember all the juicy parts.

It does mean I have to build again. So, I started with one of the best foundations, a character.

Blog Image - Jan. 8, 2018

Breaking down base ideas of what I wanted from one of the lead characters, I decided to fully embrace the most concrete cast member as a way to start building Ashes of War once more. I’d always wanted a contrasting figure like Zechs Marquise in Gundam Wing, though, years ago, I decided my character should be a black man (I imagined Chiwetel Ejiofor long before he was in a Marvel movie).

That’s not the easiest thing to draw with words alone, so a stronger influence is needed. The painting of the French general features Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, father and primary influence of the esteemed writer Alexandre Dumas. The Black Count was a skilled swordsman, one of the highest-ranked men during the French Revolution, and a rival to Napoleon Bonaparte.

I’m sure I can find something there to build on.

However, that’s one character. I need a few more still…

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