Prepare To Die… Again

I am a sucker for Dark Souls. Lordran is a game setting that constantly folds on itself. You take long trips through a frustrating dark fantasy land only to say to yourself, “I know this place.”

sq_nswitch_darksoulsremasteredThere are narrative lessons to learn from Dark Souls. Visual questions, the hints hiding in item descriptions, or the slow breakdown of sanity from the other characters.

Stories in Dark Souls engage the way each player wants them to. If you want to slash through people without care, you can do that. If you want to explore a lost history, you can do that. Want to conquer the world? You can do that too.

Yes, I’m gushing over a graphically updated version of a game I already have. But it’s a good game, one that’s inspired things in my writing and altered the idea of what death means in a video game.

Big spoiler: Dark Souls may be famous for saying “Prepare To Die,” but it really promotes the idea “Dare To Live.”


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