Get Out, Get Healthy

Winter is a rough time for us all. So much gloom, so much cold, so much to feel depressed about.

Today is not like those days. See:

26993496_10155214572893372_7075657491328434828_nI’m writing this a few hours after taking this picture. It’s January 22, 2018. When I took this picture, it was about 57 degrees outside. Naturally, I was wearing shorts.

On the days when I don’t have to deal with my regular job, I try to work out every other day. At the bare minimum, this involves riding an exercise bike for half an hour, usually pedaling as fast as I can during that time. With my height, I can actually burn upward of 3500 calories by doing this. It sounds absurd, but I know how to push myself when I do this.

Easy tip: If you have trouble speaking while you work out, you’re using about 80% of your effort. If you can’t speak when you work out, you’re using upward of 90% of what you can do.

Not everyone has the same routine, but our bodies are all different as well.

My hope is that you can find something that helps you find a silver lining, warmth, and joy in whatever it is you’re doing.

For me, that means it’s time to write.


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