A Return To The Night Lands

That’s right my friends, The Night Lands is back.

On March 1, 2018, I’ll be posting the first in a series of short tales on my Patreon page.

fnl4tgkThe first installment is a character piece I’m calling “The Tale of the Throat Slasher.” (Such a happy title!) Yes, there are sun- and death-worshiping Asurians, but there’s the promise of more. We’ll be able to chat about the Dancers of the Spire and their fall from grace. We’ll see the dark nature of magic in a world saturated by light. I may even take you to that mythical place, The Night Lands.

I have no doubt that dragons will appear.

If you must have a taste right now, “The Mirror of Tila” is the headlining story in the fantasy villain anthology The Rogue’s Gallery. (There are some great stories in that book, well worth reading!)


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