Don’t Go Hollow


I’ve been working on an outline for a speech. Sure, my strength lies in the written word, but I’ve been known to BS my way through things.


I’ll have 18 minutes to discuss a topic that relates to writers in the early stages of their career. You know, that place where I’ve lived for a very long time. So, want an idea of what I’m up to so far? Sure you do…

Eighteen minutes isn’t a ton of time in the speech world. Just try limiting yourself to a topic for five minutes and you’ll go crazy just with that. Having talked through the elements I’d like to discuss twice now, I have a clearer picture in view.

  • Titles matter. In this case, I’ll be explaining the Dark Souls community motto: “Don’t Go Hollow.” That means keep going, don’t give up, you can do it. A hollow is one who has totally quit, decided things are too hard, and no longer cares about the hope of any reward or victory.
  • I’ll tell three stories. The first is Solaire, because he might start off saying “Praise The Sun,” but he ends up in a dark cave, depressed, alone, and with only two choices–one leads him astray, one inspires him. The other two are real people toiling in the real world, fighting stagnation and grief. Neither has gone hollow.
  • This speech talks about writing, but it’s really about personal determination. If we can’t make ourselves go on, no one else can. The road will be hard and we can still ask for help. Still, it is up to us to take that next step.

Add a few notes to tie these elements together and that’s more than eighteen minutes. So I’ll have to outline it, though that’s what I have to turn in by July 30. Fun, right?

And on that note, I’m off to write again!


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