The State of Productivity

I always strive to do more, get my work out there, be a success with writing. To do that, I’ve realized I need to see where I am. Come with me for a few minutes.


My current Work In Progress is Ashes Of War. Epic fantasy and long in development. This also has four sequels I need to write.

Less than a year ago, I wrote Infinity. Now I’m editing it. There are at least two sequels, the content of which all needs to be determined.

The Golden Hollow, my beloved series of modern telepaths, action, lost technology, and political intrigue. Biopunk.  Mind & Machine needs to be redrafted. Again. The sequel, Dual Identities, needs to be edited or flat redrafted. The remaining 4-8 books need to be planned. The whole series needs to tell a story and I need to figure out where that story ends.

The Night Lands is still running on Patreon, though I have gotten stalled twice. Several stories are already done. “Rascal” is the current entry that needs to be finished along with at least two more shorts. Then I can set it aside for a little while.

The Fanged Circle has a complete serial! “Scars Of Shadow” wrapped up earlier in 2018. I need to write up a few more Tales of the Cursed. Also, the next two serials need to be planned out, one taking place in a fortress, the other dealing with the mythological Dark Princess Iriyatha.

The first book of the Saga of the Elagabal, The Honor of Severus, needs an edit. The next two books need to be written also. Just as soon as I plan them out.

Tesseract. It needs an agent, some light revision, and some love. I’m close on that front.

Blanc Noir needs an agent, which means I need to send more query letters for it.

Vitamin F has been out in the world for several years now. I need to talk about it, link it, give it some promotional love.

The next step in all this is to schedule everything you just read. It’s a step I’ll take another day.


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