About Len

Having lived in Southeast Missouri all his life, you might think Len Berry to be an average kind of guy, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

His main ambition is to become a published writer, especially regarding his urban science fiction series, The Golden Hollow, there’s nothing like it out there and he hopes it’ll stay that way.  The central character of The Golden Hollow, Commander, was first created in 1987, though has undergone many revisions, starting out as a GI Joe and ending up a renegade telepath.

Characters are of the greatest importance to Len.  In all of his works, Len has managed to torment the poor souls that inhabit his stories to the point where his friends have all agreed they never want to live in any setting of his creation.  Len values realism as a way to build a rapport with an audience, adding more and more unbelievable and unreal elements as the story progresses.  Ultimately, Len cherishes escapism and loves how a good story can transport someone away from their lives, if only for a while.

Len’s interests reach out from science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and thrillers.  He enjoys cartoons, especially Japanese Anime, comic books, drawing, and listening to all sorts of music.  Just not country, not ever; he sticks with Audioslave, Sarah McLachlan, and Utada instead.  Not to mention Yoko Kanno, Ichiko Hashimoto, Daft Punk, Hans Zimmer soundtracks and a lot of other things that we don’t have room to list.

In his reading, Len is most inspired by Neil Gaiman and Greg Rucka, while following the creative leads of Brandon Sanderson and Jim Butcher.  His childhood love of Star Wars and similar movies has shaped his viewpoint greatly, just as his appreciation of elegant horror like Hellraiser and Silent Hill fuel his approach on pacing and atmosphere.  When it comes to character dynamics, nothing works for Len like the X-Men.


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