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I enjoy comic books. It’s not just the X-Men, but many other things. Art and story are both major passions for me. Comic Books are simply the best collision of those things.

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Why I Love The X-Men

With X-Men: Days of Future Past coming in a few days, I’m going to take a moment and share some of the reasons why I love these characters.

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Cyclops Can’t Die

In the face of Avengers vs. X-Men about to hit comic book stores, there has been speculation that Cyclops, leader of the X-Men, will die. His cause has been saving the mutants, his religion has been restoring those like him to a point of viability instead of extinction. Stoic, stalwart leader, the first mutant to join the X-Men.

Most people think he will die. His cause will be complete, his life sacrificed as a martyr to his cause. Cyclops will die, just as his wife, Phoenix, might actually return.

But Cyclops can’t die, he just can’t.

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It isn’t often where I feel compelled to talk about specific comic books.  In an age where most comics appear to be going back over the same material again, be it Civil War or writing/drawing like it’s still 1994, finding something new and fresh is a true rarity.

Brian K. Vaughan is one of the modern masters of comic book writing.  His tales are always unique and engaging.  Aside from The Sandman, Vaughan’s Y the Last Man is the most acclaimed book DC’s Vertigo imprint has ever released; Y is easily the best comic of the past decade.  He started a truly original teen comic for Marvel in the form of Runaways, which is about the children of a supervillain organization.  Vaughan’s even written for the acclaimed TV series Lost.

With that kind of resume, hearing about a new series written by Vaughan is enough to get a lot of people to buy at least an issue.  Thus, we have the new series Saga.

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Super or Sullen

After hearing the news about the upcoming DC 52 book relaunch/reboot/regurgitation, I got excited to see a few things.  Like some of the WildCATs and a solo book for Mister Terrific.  Wonder Woman wearing pants still is a good thing and she still looks iconic.  Superman, however, is….  It’s so stupid, I don’t fell like typing it.  But I will copy/paste! Continue reading

We usually don’t have socially relevant discussions on Reality Check Fail–Pop Culture Radio but our latest entry is just that.  We discuss Diversity in Comics and, well, I thought it would be a lot angrier on our parts.  Luckily, we manage to have a civil, in-depth conversation on the subject.  Find out more HERE.

The Importance of Oracle

DC Comics is about to overhaul everything, or half of everything to say the least.  Change is often a scary thing when it comes to comic book universes and this one looks to wind up a good change.  Then they announced there would be a new Batgirl comic book, leaving many comics fans asking, “What about Oracle?”

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With my love of CrossGen comics and Dan’s appreciation of all things mystery or detective, we decided to regularly read and discuss the new CrossGen titles from Marvel.

Sigil #1

We did the first issue podcast about a month ago, which includes some discussion of news from WonderCon.

The second issue podcast just went up and we include a little discussion of Free Comic Book Day, an event that’s trying very hard to become a true geek holiday.

Cyclops & Phoenix

When I was in Tenth Grade, I started reading comic books.  It wasn’t the Death of Superman or Bane breaking Batman’s back that did it, it was the X-Men.  The Fox cartoon (which I gladly own) showed me more of the characters than I’d ever seen before.  While I did have an issue of X-Men Classic from the Phoenix Saga, I didn’t have  a lot more than that.

Most fans of the X-Men would tell you that their favorite character is Wolverine or Nightcrawler, maybe Rogue or Storm.  Not me.  I’m a fan of the main two characters of X-Men, Cyclops and Phoenix.

From the Golden Age of the X-Men...

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