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Let Me Fanboy For A Moment

When it comes to superheroes, I haven’t been this excited since I saw a preview for X-Men.


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The Two Scariest Words In INTERSTELLAR

Yes, I love movies.  I absolutely love Christopher Nolan movies.

There’s a point early in his new movie, Interstellar, that establishes the desperate status of the world and the intelligence of the main character’s daughter.  While this isn’t much of a spoiler, I want to give an opportunity to turn back before I say more.

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Why “Let It Go” Works

Musicals have never been my thing.  I doubt they ever will.  When these characters pointlessly burst into song, I want to slap them, not cheer for them.

Yet, I saw Frozen and my biggest complaint was, big surprise, there’s too much singing.  I wouldn’t purge all of it, because there’s one piece that must stay.

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The Symbology of Robocop’s Helmet

An important thing for any creator to take note of, regardless of genre or format, is the symbology that accompanies a character’s appearance.  This is typically something that is passive and comes from the subtext of the story.

I was discussing the upcoming Robocop remake with some friends and noted the rumor that Joel Kinnaman is going to spend most of the movie with visor up.  The fact that a visor covers Kinnaman’s face in the new movie is telling of just how different it will be compared to the transitions Peter Weller had to go through in playing the character.

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Iron Man 3: Hyped or Overhyped?

A year ago, The Avengers came out.  In the weeks leading up to that release, I was subjected to one commercial for the movie roughly 280 times a week.  My post at work was about twenty feet away from a screen that played the ad every eight minutes. By the time the movie came out, I was sick of it.  This wasn’t the case with Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, or the first two Iron Man films.

Now, with the success of The Avengers, which was a decent movie, we have the next big Marvel release, Iron Man 3.

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Why Oblivion Worked For Me

I haven’t done movie reviews for a while, since I wanted to focus more on the core elements of writing, like characters, narrative, and storytelling.  Having seen Oblivion over the weekend, I felt I could say a few things about the movie that would speak to what I like in a story, be it a movie or a book.

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Let’s Talk About Ellen Ripley

I was reading the most intriguing article this morning.  S.J. Higbee’s piece, Gender In Writing: Is it She or He Who Tells Your Story, takes apart the essential elements of a writer using the perspective of a character who is the opposite sex.  Since I write a lot of female characters, especially in Vitamin F, it’s an issue that strikes a chord with me.

Then, there’s this:

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Continuing the trend of Marvel Studios adapting Marvel characters to film, we have Captain America: The First Avenger.  In keeping with Iron Man and Thor, this movie is an exceptional picture of who and what Captain America is.  What makes this movie different is that it is a true period piece, using it more for a basic setting, rather than treating it like another character in X-Men: First Class.

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The Chamber

When I was in high school, John Grisham released a legal thriller that dealt with the legality and morality of executing a man who’d spent decades on death row.  That book is called The Chamber and, while it is a good book, it’s not what I’m discussing today.  Oh no, it’s not. Continue reading

Green Lantern

Aside from Batman, DC just hasn’t been able to get any of its properties into cinemas with the same acclaim and appeal that Marvel has.  Superman Returns, as vast as it was, proved to be such a throwback, DC has elected to reinvent the franchise.  For the past few years, the book DC has sold the most of hasn’t starred Batman or Superman.  It’s Green Lantern.  The tales of hotshot test pilot and cosmic cop Hal Jordan have dominated DC’s sales for the past five years, so it was the next logical choice for DC to bring to the big screen

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