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This week’s entries of The Night Lands reveal a closer look at dragons.  More than just dragons, an important dragon–and an important character–Fenyx, first appeared in this week’s entries.  We also come closer to more of Imperia Sorcha Kagatsu’s motivations.

Here are the links.  I hope you enjoy the journey.

Atsuko 4, Part 2

Atsuko 4, Part 3

Atsuko 4, Part 4


Sorcha’s wrath, another visit with the dweller Xkikx, and a moment at the edge of the sanctuary–all in this week’s installments of The Night Lands.

At this point in releasing chapters, I know I’m getting close to having a fair chunk to release as an e-book.  My plan is to release the first six chapters for a dollar using Smashwords.  That’s the plan right now, at least.

Atsuko 3, Part 3

Atsuko 3, Part 4

Atsuko 4, Part 1

Chapter Two of The Night Lands wrapped up this week.  I haven’t made an annotation video yet for it, but I’m planning to.  Either Chapter Four or Five will focus on someone other than Atsuko, but I’m sticking with her to get a foundation for a lot of the main characters, along with a quick drive of plot.

Atsuko 2, Part 6

Atsuko 3, Part 1

Atsuko 3, Part 2

This week in The Night Lands, I started by introducing a non-human character in a dream.  I haven’t revealed his name in the story yet, but I will tell you this guy kept me writing when it was the hardest to keep with the pace of NaNoWriMo.  You’ll see more of this dweller soon enough.

In fact, you might be seeing a lot of this guy in just a few weeks.

Atsuko 2, Part 3

Atsuko 2, Part 4

Atsuko 2, Part 5


Things have heated up with The Night Lands.  Atsuko remains in trouble, being thrust into a battle where only those who kill at least one other person will be allowed to live.

Come and read more…

Atsuko 1, Part 4

Atsuko 1, Part 5

Atsuko 1, Part 6

For those who haven’t had a chance, I thought I’d share the links to the first chapter of The Night Lands that went up this week.  I’m going to try and make this a weekly event, just to help everyone, myself included, keep track of everything that I’ve posted.

Atsuko 1, Part 1

Atsuko 1, Part 2

Atsuko 1, Part 3

Also, good news, I’ve scheduled a month’s worth of segments already.  They’ll be ready every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


I could never set The Night Lands aside after NaNoWriMo, not the way I needed to coming out of a writing event.  Dragons, eternal sunlight, monsters, how could I set that aside, even just to process how to keep going.

After reading an article from the Writer’s Digest special magazine Writer’s Yearbook 2013, I realized I could release The Night Lands a little at a time.  The more I’ve thought about it, the more I knew I could use this as a way to share raw work.

Without any further pomp and circumstance, I present The Night Lands.

Yes, I know some of this has popped up before.  By Friday, you’ll see some new things.

Blog Hop!

I always like trying out new things, as far as networking games go.  Also, there haven’t been a lot of opportunities to just talk about me and what I do on a personal level.  The blog hop lets me fix that. Continue reading

Seeking the Next Horizon

I’m always looking for a way to not only better promote my work, but to get it into the hands of a mass audience.  That’s no secret.

However, I have kept something secret: my writing.  Sure, I’ve shown a little, sampled a bit here and there.  I think that’s only a start, something that, in a digital era, will no longer do.

With that in mind, let us look to the future and to a little plan I have developed to share at least a little more of my writing.

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As promised, I’ve delivered four excerpts from The Night LandsThe first is on my novel page on the NaNoWriMo website and features the first appearance of Atsuko, and is likely the first scene of the book.  The second I posted on Google+ and used to show an early scene with one of those who dwell in the earth, Xkikx, except he’s not dwelling in the earth.  Third, on facebook, I posted a private confrontation between Atsuko and the Imperia Sorcha Kagatsu, the main villain of The Night Lands.

Now, I give you a fourth excerpt.  The following scenes introduce another Asurian Imperia, this one at the first level rather than the seventh.  This is Vanity.  Despite her name and occupation, I see her as a protagonist, though she’ll need some convincing of this.

Before I leave you to read, I recommend you taking a look at those other excerpts.  There are clues in all of them about what is going on in this twisted world I’ve made, clues that pay off a little in this excerpt, even though it is a character introduction.

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