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I’ve spent plenty of time recently talking about Scars Of Shadow, my next dark fantasy serial.

I’ve spent even longer talking about how I want to start a Patreon page.

Last year, I learned a lot about how Smashwords works and just what it can offer.

By April 1, 2017, I’ll be making use of all three.

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The preorder page is a go! My new dark fantasy serial, Scars Of Shadow, is about to launch.

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Having mentioned a Patreon campaign several times, you would think I would have such a thing in place by now.

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Yes, it’s that time again, the time when I start playing with dark fantasy stories. I’m doing this on a few fronts this time.


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Be Nice To Your Ex

I have two ex-girlfriends. I’m on friendly terms with both of them.

After an exciting round of Dark Souls 3, I was about to shut off the game for the night. I’d drawn plenty of enjoyment out of it, including one incredible accomplishment.

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Need Something to Read?

Dragon Con is upon us once more, which means I will depart (within 90 minutes of writing this).

To mark the occasion, I have three surprises for you all. Some may already have this, others might be hearing about this for the first time. Either way, spread the word to your friends–I have free things to read!

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Trick or Treat 2015

Everyone should have a chance at a fun Halloween full of shadowy things and imagined wonders.

With that in mind, I have a few treats available.

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Plotting and Scheming

When I was role playing at least once a week, there was a period where I ran a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic campaign. All my preparations from character attributes to secret clues were all listed in a single black notebook. Any time my friend Rick saw this notebook, he’d say something like, “Oh, no. You’re plotting and scheming again.”

I mention it because, yes, I have been plotting and scheming.

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Free Days for The Fanged Circle

To celebrate my appearance at the ToyMan Show in St. Louis, I’m offering all three current entries in The Fanged Circle for FREE. Check the links below on September 27 or 28 to get your copies!

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The Assassin Comes

I’m a smart guy, so there had to be an ulterior motive for me to have two installments of The Fanged Circle available for free. And there is:

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