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In the span of five minutes, I heard three pieces of pop culture news that really stood out. I’m going to run with them in the order I saw them…

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I posted this on Patreon. Too good of a post not to share with all of you here.

A Conversation At Work.

What do you think?

Inspiration Comes From Odd Boxes

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Seeking The Horizon

Last week, I got to see Daniel Campisi, my best friend, for the first time in years. Since I went to visit him, he took me on my first trip to an ocean–any ocean.

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Exclusivity and Submission

After reading this column from USA Today, I felt I needed to speak about exclusivity for a moment.

It started with books, then home videos and toys, then it moved on to Doctor Who reruns.

It started with Muppets, then Marvel, then it moved on to Star Wars.

Exclusive outlets are eating the world.

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Race Isn’t Real

I’m going to play biologist for a few minutes. Hopefully, you’ll forgive me if I come off hard or rough.

With the wealth of racial conflict in the news, I have heard many voices say things like, “You never hear about white people being shot by police,” or “If they’d followed instructions, they wouldn’t have got shot.” Such statements are madness. Continue reading

Don’t Be A Dick

This is Barnes & Noble in Cape Girardeau, MO. The store where I worked for six and a half years, the store where I write Vitamin F by hand when things were slow, and the store where I am sitting as I type this.

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Too Long Silent

I admit I’ve been quiet for a while. There’s no real excuse for that. Reasons, perhaps, but no excuse.


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Belief and Reassurance

One of the most trying things about writing–or any creative endeavor–is the fear that things won’t work out. It’s a natural fear, especially when things take time to create.

We all have natural slips, since we’re all human. Good days come, as do bad days.

With that in mind, I present this video message…

I was very fortunate to come to a writer event with my friend Michael Ignacio. He was displaying his books for sale for the first time and kindly offered to share space with me.

Here’s us with editor Danny Wilkens. We’re all in the same local writing group together.

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