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Using What You Can

I’ve had the most creative day in a long time. I’ve drawn, I’ve done development work on a book. I’ve written streams and streams of free writing, stuff that will never see the light of day, but I’m proud of it all the same.

Through it all, I’ve had a Google Play Music channel of 90s Alternative Hits playing. I started the music when I went to work out, kept it going through lunch, and kept it on through all that creative fun.

Trying to gear up for more now, but the hour grows late. Doesn’t mean I won’t try.

Given what I knew was ahead this morning, I wouldn’t have said today would be a worthwhile day. I was committed to not give up but had no expectation for success.

I used what I could and kept the creativity stoked. It roared into a warmer flame than before.


It Can Be Done

This picture of me is from February 2017. Decent lighting, pretty good pose, awesome AGDQ Dark Souls III shirt.


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Do both every day.

I see variations on that with a degree of frequency. When I have a chance, I do my very best to edit Tesseract, write “The Mirror Of Tila,” and try really hard to be good to everyone.

The town I live in is one of the most conservative placed in the United States. I am not a conservative. Still, I have many local friends. There’s a warmth in my heart knowing that I have a diverse group of people I care about. Both genders, several religious affiliations, no less than four races. Continue reading

Searching For Word Counts

Most writers, myself included, are slaves to our word counts.  They determine how long our stories can be, mark our success over time, and serve as personal trophies proving how capable we are.

It’s no wonder I stress so much over getting something written each day.

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I’ve been away.  Sorry about that.

Let me set the record straight on a few things and that might help.

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To Seek A Patron?

In the Renaissance, art and culture were funded by those with wealth acting as patrons for the artisans.  In many ways, this was the ultimate form of “know your audience,” since the artist had to please one person, though anyone could enjoy what was created.  Those who had the funds could keep the artisans creating instead of dividing efforts between art and other work.

I wish there was something like that now, something that could fund my writing.

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A Good Day

There are days when things just go right.  For me, yesterday was one of those days.

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Catching Up

It has been too long.

I admit, freely, that I let things go too long without posting.  It wasn’t that I had nothing to say or lacked for things to write about.  Far from it.

Still, I continue to take steps forward.  Let me share a few of these steps and remind myself to post about them.

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Last week, I had a spirited discussion with my writing group.

Yes, they ripped me a new asshole.  That’s what writing group is for.

One thing they picked up on was that I tend to hold things back, I keep information to myself in early chapters so I have more to play with later on.  I call it being suspenseful, they called it playing my cards too close to the chest.

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Busy Fall

Autumn is officially upon us, which means a lot of work is coming my way, whether I’m ready for it or not.  Let’s take a look at what I’ve got planned so far.

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