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A Dark Scheme

A while back, I promised to make installments of The Fanged Circle available when a new entry was about to appear.

Things haven’t gone entirely as I would like them, so I’m at a point where I only have a few days left in the initial KDP cycle for The Knight. That’s why I’m making use of Amazon’s exclusive benefit three days next week.

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I said I would offer The Fanged Circle: The Knight for free. Today, I deliver. For this initial free offering, Jacob’s tale will be available June 29-30, 2015.

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As a former employee of Barnes & Noble and a Nook owner, it seems odd that I would release a dark fantasy serial exclusively on Amazon. I’m not even a fan of exclusive, well, anything.

More than anything else, I wanted to give people a chance to read The Fanged Circle for free.

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I’ve been working on a new dark fantasy project. I haven’t said a lot about it, since it was going to be a simple piece. Three sections, conflict between the POV of each, dark, sad, done.

Then I realized I had ideas past what I’d initially planned to write. Juicy, mysterious setting stuff. I wanted to write more.

I didn’t have all the answers, but I knew that wasn’t a problem. Dark Souls and Bloodborne don’t give you the answers, you have to go digging for them.

With the nature of digital prose, I knew I could release installments and slowly build something larger.

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Given the recent conflict between Amazon and Hachette, I have made a realization regarding the future of traditional publishing.  I am posting this as an open letter to share the idea, since it is one I think would be vastly successful.


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Reading as Elitism

Too often, I see articles about the “battle” between traditional publishing and e-books.  I’ve seen discussions about Amazon being great or brick and mortar stores being better.  It’s left me wondering if reading has become rare to the point of becoming elitist in the future.

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The Flaw of Exclusives

The most appealing game in town when it comes to ebook publishing is Kindle Direct Publishing Select.  They have the biggest operation of those who publish ebooks, the biggest distribution, the biggest, well, everything.

Now, I won’t lie, more people buy Vitamin F on Kindle than they do on Nook.  I work at Barnes & Noble, just like a lot of people who have bought the book already, but the fact still remains.  Amazon.com is the biggest game in town. Continue reading

Advertising In Books: An Editorial

Reading is a pact.  Stephen King, in his text On Writing, describes writing as a form of time travel.  In the past, he writes words down on a screen.  In the future, at least from his perspective, someone will read those words.  He’s delivered words to the page and the page, at a different point in time, delivers the words to the reader.  Only he says it much more eloquently. Continue reading

Stuck in the Trenches

I was checking twitter earlier, and saw something @BrianReed said:

“If B&N didn’t have lousy customer service, & if Nook weren’t a train wreck, AND if it wasn’t $50 more than Kindle, they might have a shot.”

He’s clearly referring to the announcement that Marvel would be supplying exclusive digital content to the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet and Nook Color.  That, of course, is a counter-offensive in response to DC offering exclusive content to the Kindle Fire.

And as a writer and a book lover, Brian Reed’s comment just pisses me off.

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