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I’ve Been Scheming

Hello friends!

Yes, I’ve been lax and absent. I have been writing and drawing. There are many things I have to share with you.

Speaking of which…

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The Right Title

Culturally, we love our labels. They help us create those eternal notions of us and them. They help others divide threatening social classes into groups that can be pitted against one another.

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Do both every day.

I see variations on that with a degree of frequency. When I have a chance, I do my very best to edit Tesseract, write “The Mirror Of Tila,” and try really hard to be good to everyone.

The town I live in is one of the most conservative placed in the United States. I am not a conservative. Still, I have many local friends. There’s a warmth in my heart knowing that I have a diverse group of people I care about. Both genders, several religious affiliations, no less than four races. Continue reading

Standardized Exploitation

The novel I’m showing to agents currently is Blanc Noir, which was born in part from seeing so many forms of exploitation in modern society.  While the main thrust of the story is an investigation, the setting thrives on taking advantage of the masses, usually to make an extra dollar or two.

What kind of writer would I be if I suddenly ignored situations of exploitation when they continue to spring up?  Finishing drafts of a novel doesn’t exempt me from noticing such things, especially when I will have to work on further drafts in the future.  In the interest of sharing what’s important to me, and possibly making you laugh, here’s a clip from John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight:

School administrators sitting in posh offices while the athletes bringing in revenue starve; promising an education only to strip it away when an athlete gets injured; issuing penalties for someone giving a young man lunch–it all echoes of a nightmare government.  This is the sort of thing that makes me glad that the villain organization in my book is called the Chamber of Commerce.

A Daring Attitude

I’ve been working through another edit of Blanc Noir.  With it’s modern social themes and satirical character names (Koch, Boehner, Limbaugh), I think it could win an audience.  More importantly, I think it could motivate people to make society better.

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I discovered an odd development with my future noir novel when I showed the first chapter to some friends: I’d given great details to the side characters and none to the leads.  The more important a character was to the story, the less I’d said about how they look or move.

Talk about backwards.

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Jeanne or Margot?

Talking with two of my writer friends, I started wondering if I needed to change the name of the main character in my future noir novel, Blanc Noir.  I’ve been using one name for a while, but another was suggested to me.  For fun, I thought I’d share the dilemma with you.

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Busy Fall

Autumn is officially upon us, which means a lot of work is coming my way, whether I’m ready for it or not.  Let’s take a look at what I’ve got planned so far.

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Reverse Engineering a Story

For a few months, I worked to get my future noir story, Blanc Noir, sorted out.  I didn’t have to sort the entire story out, I just needed a path from one set of events to another.  My problem was that there weren’t any sets of events, much less a path between them.  I knew some things that needed to happen and I had the framework of several characters, but I didn’t have a good way to put them together.

Once I figured out the end scene, I felt better about the story, but I didn’t know anything else.  Then I decided to do what a lot of puzzle solvers do:  Work Backwards.

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Thoughts on 33

This year has been rough, though not without its gains.

The main writing highlights came from the usual forces.  A second steampunk adventure featuring Harrison and Bianca was released.  It took a few months longer than I’d expected, but “Heart of Steel” is out as part of Gadgets: Dreams of Steam.

I managed to get some momentum with Vitamin F as well.  To date, it’s the best I’ve done financially with any of my releases.  Soon, I plan to clean it up and expand its digital reach.

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