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The Right Pace

Anyone who tells you that writing is as simple as connecting the dots, is either lying to you or not giving you all the information.  There are things that must be considered.  Not every story can be told the same way and so, a balance has to be struck.

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Ten Fun Facts

This has been a recent thing running around twitter as of late: saying ten things about yourself that are illuminating and a solid note about who you are.  I thought I’d play, but I thought I’d put my facts together in one place to make it easier to see them all. Continue reading

One Thing Shapes The Next

I thought of a new short story idea the other day.  It’s a fantasy story, complete with a dark realm, a tyrant, and a young woman who finds herself wrapped up in the whole exchange.  I know there are echoes of Disney movies, and a mask I saw in a Halloween store.  It might even have a little echo from A.E. Marling’s new book.

So, I asked myself, how often does one thing shape something else?

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Thoughts on 31

Today is my birthday and I think it’s a good chance for me to look back at what I’ve done in the past year.  My efforts have been to reach my true goal, getting my novels published on a steady schedule, one where I can write full-time. Continue reading

A Change in Story

After seeing Super 8 and discussing how JJ Abrams’ work differs from Steven Spielberg’s, I started to think about how the craft of storytelling has changed in the past few years.  There was once a time when big visuals could sell anything, but in a world where Super 8 thrives and Green Lantern comes up short, something has clearly changed.  I can’t help wondering what that change might be. Continue reading