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Trick or Treat 2015

Everyone should have a chance at a fun Halloween full of shadowy things and imagined wonders.

With that in mind, I have a few treats available.

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“10 Mississippi”

I like keeping everyone up to date on my writing activities.  My most recent endeavor is collaborating on a short story called “10 Mississippi.”

It’s a fun little tale about kids, dares, a spooky house, and a mean dog named Razor.

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“The Other Identity”

Here it is, “The Other Identity”, the short story I’ve been writing for the past few days.  It takes place during the opening chapters of Dual Identities, but there’s nothing from that story you have to know to understand this story.  For something that I started five days before this posting, I’m quite pleased with the outcome.

Since I was inspired to do this as part of Emily Suess’ Writers’ Week, I should point this entry is based off prompt #3, You’d be much more attractive if you...

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