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Seeking The Horizon

Last week, I got to see Daniel Campisi, my best friend, for the first time in years. Since I went to visit him, he took me on my first trip to an ocean–any ocean.

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Last Monday, I finished compiling the first draft of “The Mirror of Tila.” With that done, I have no active project where I’m doing the initial writing.

As the saying goes: What to do, what to do?


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In the past month, I’ve done a lot of work on a new short story, “The Mirror of Tila.” This is meant for a fantasy anthology focusing on villain characters. A bonus for me is that it features my dark fantasy setting, THE NIGHT LANDS.

I need 10,000 words. Currently, I have 7,500. The next part to write looks like this:

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At Cape Comic Con, I took a short period to look at some of the other vendors.  One of those was Here There Be Sculpture, which features many lovely dragons of different shapes, colors, and styles.

Of the dragons featured at the show, there was a little red guy I fell in love with and had to adopt.  I named him Rascal.

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Patreon: An Idea

A friend asked me months ago if I was on Patreon.  I looked into it and started to wonder if I should join.  After all, I’m artistic and having a patron of any sort would be wonderful.

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Table Layout

Modern writers need some sort of convention presence.  I’ve seen enough of my favorite writers set up shop in such a way, though others keep themselves busy with appearances, if they’re lucky.  Some writers set up a table and stack up books.  Some go for different layouts, working with other writers to set up an area that looks more like a showroom than a simple table display.

Everyone has different ways to go about it, but the important thing is to make a good show, spread the word, and sell some cool stuff.

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A Good Day

There are days when things just go right.  For me, yesterday was one of those days.

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This week’s entries of The Night Lands reveal a closer look at dragons.  More than just dragons, an important dragon–and an important character–Fenyx, first appeared in this week’s entries.  We also come closer to more of Imperia Sorcha Kagatsu’s motivations.

Here are the links.  I hope you enjoy the journey.

Atsuko 4, Part 2

Atsuko 4, Part 3

Atsuko 4, Part 4

Sorcha’s wrath, another visit with the dweller Xkikx, and a moment at the edge of the sanctuary–all in this week’s installments of The Night Lands.

At this point in releasing chapters, I know I’m getting close to having a fair chunk to release as an e-book.  My plan is to release the first six chapters for a dollar using Smashwords.  That’s the plan right now, at least.

Atsuko 3, Part 3

Atsuko 3, Part 4

Atsuko 4, Part 1

Chapter Two of The Night Lands wrapped up this week.  I haven’t made an annotation video yet for it, but I’m planning to.  Either Chapter Four or Five will focus on someone other than Atsuko, but I’m sticking with her to get a foundation for a lot of the main characters, along with a quick drive of plot.

Atsuko 2, Part 6

Atsuko 3, Part 1

Atsuko 3, Part 2