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In the past few days, I took part in a little protest on twitter.  This was a response to the Michigan State House refusing to let to let two of their members speak after daring to say the word “vagina” while debating abortion legislation.  So the protest was to tweet the word “vagina” at the twitter account of those politicians in charge of the Michigan State House.

We did this because the message being sent by the Michigan House wasn’t “be polite,” like they claimed.

The message was OBEY.

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Perhaps the greatest battle for equality today is the battle for gay rights.

Hearing a friend, a coworker, a relative, or a celebrity saying two words can transform the way you look at them. They say, “I’m gay,” and now you feel compelled to reevaluate the way you look at that person. You might come back to the same place where you started, seeing them just the same as you did before, only now, you know more about them.

This does not always happen.

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When we hear about birth control in the news, so often we’re hearing about things like condoms and contraceptives, but let’s pull back and think about those words in a more literal context.

Birth control, as a phrase, denotes controlling birth, or at least the factors involved with birth. Usually, this means control on a personal level, such as individual choices, family planning, or simply having a procedure to insure one can’t have any children.

The problems arise when governments try to assert that control for themselves.

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