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The Two Scariest Words In INTERSTELLAR

Yes, I love movies.  I absolutely love Christopher Nolan movies.

There’s a point early in his new movie, Interstellar, that establishes the desperate status of the world and the intelligence of the main character’s daughter.  While this isn’t much of a spoiler, I want to give an opportunity to turn back before I say more.

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Attack On Titan

Fame and phenomenon are big things and hard for any property to reach.  When international markets come up, it’s even harder to reach these highs.  Yet Shingeki No Kyojin–better known to English audiences as Attack On Titan–has managed to reach a popularity and enthusiasm level similar to Battlestar Galactica or Breaking Bad.  This is a show where American audiences, myself included, have been watching new episodes the day they premiere in Japan.

An odd mix of terror, horror, and fantasy, Attack On Titan is probably one of the most engaging shows I’ve ever seen.

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Laying Foundations

Every story has to start somewhere.  Through inspiration or finding elements that interest writers and artists to the point where we have to create.  Since a month or two before the movie Prometheus came out, I’ve been curious as to how I would do something of the sci-fi horror variety.  I came up with a few mental notes, but not much else.

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