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A Pair Of Invitations

This is me promoting myself. Or building my platform. Pick any buzzword you like.

Truthfully, I’ve been doing things with YouTube that I enjoy. Do these things help me establish myself as a writer? Critical thinker? I’ll leave that answer up to you.

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Yes, it’s that time again, the time when I start playing with dark fantasy stories. I’m doing this on a few fronts this time.


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Be Nice To Your Ex

I have two ex-girlfriends. I’m on friendly terms with both of them.

After an exciting round of Dark Souls 3, I was about to shut off the game for the night. I’d drawn plenty of enjoyment out of it, including one incredible accomplishment.

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I finally posted that often-promised video. In this, I discuss what I hope to do with future videos, as well as a few of the inspiring forces for the next science fiction tale I intend to write.

Plotting and Scheming

When I was role playing at least once a week, there was a period where I ran a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic campaign. All my preparations from character attributes to secret clues were all listed in a single black notebook. Any time my friend Rick saw this notebook, he’d say something like, “Oh, no. You’re plotting and scheming again.”

I mention it because, yes, I have been plotting and scheming.

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This week in The Night Lands, we started by reaching the end of Chapter One, then picked up with Chapter Two.  This transition opened a few doors, mainly in creating two more pages.

The first is a Contents page, which will keep the story in reading order by listing all the posts.  As each Chapter ends, I’ll add to it.

Another door that opened was in the form of annotations.  Brandon Sanderson posts annotations to many of his works online, usually going chapter by chapter.  I thought I’d do the same for The Night Lands since it is a work in progress, but I’ve decided to use a different medium.  I posted a twelve minute video to YouTube breaking down a few elements of Chapter One.

Atsuko 1, Part 7

Atsuko 2, Part 1

Atsuko 2, Part 2

Chapter One (Atsuko 1) Video Annotation

For those who have read some or all of what I’ve posted of The Night Lands so far, what do you think?  Do you have any questions about it?

Flash Fiction: “Victory”

I wanted to try something new to flex my creative muscles, so I wrote a flash fiction.  It’s called “Victory,” and it’s inspired by the action movies of the 1980s and 1990s.

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