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Years ago, I watched Kia Asamiya’s Silent Mobius with my best friend, Dan. It’s a fun series–team of women using magic, tech, and mysticism to stop monstrous invaders. What’s not to like?

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An Enduring Love Of Cartoons

Sadly, Saturday Morning Cartoons have come to an end.  No network carries animated shows for kids to watch as their weekend begins.  It was a ritual that started in the 1960s, bringing families together in such a simple way.

My family was no different.

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Action, Emotion, and Character

These are the things we want most in a story.  We want to find characters who we can relate to, at least enough where we want to follow them around.  We want a real emotional response from the characters when things change, good or bad.  We want things to happen, events that push the characters onward in their lives and lead us to explore the story further.

A capable scene will touch on at least one of these elements.  A good scene will hit at least two things.  To have a great scene, action, emotion, and character all need to be present.

And now, a short musical interlude from Kids on the Slope.

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Attack On Titan

Fame and phenomenon are big things and hard for any property to reach.  When international markets come up, it’s even harder to reach these highs.  Yet Shingeki No Kyojin–better known to English audiences as Attack On Titan–has managed to reach a popularity and enthusiasm level similar to Battlestar Galactica or Breaking Bad.  This is a show where American audiences, myself included, have been watching new episodes the day they premiere in Japan.

An odd mix of terror, horror, and fantasy, Attack On Titan is probably one of the most engaging shows I’ve ever seen.

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I’m trying out something different.  Knowing in advance that I’m going to see the latest Rebuild of Evangelion movie, Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo, I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts about the franchise and what I’m hoping for.  Not wanting to stop at an easy point, I’m going to also share what I think after seeing it as well.

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My New Problem

In the past few weeks, I’ve become aware of a potential problem with Tesseract.  As strongly as I build the characters from the beginning and continue to do so in subsequent chapters, the plot is taking a long time to become a blatant force in the story.

That’s not a crime.  Some stories are simply driven more by character than by plot.  This is true of any story that relies on the length of the character’s life, like Tesseract does at times.  Patrick Rothfuss has even said that The Name of the Wind is a slow starting book.

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Hurling a Book Across the Room

I’ve heard this one a few times.  A friend gets to a shocking scene, a tense moment, something that makes a splash in a book.  Then–WOOSH!–the book flies across the room.

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One Thing Shapes The Next

I thought of a new short story idea the other day.  It’s a fantasy story, complete with a dark realm, a tyrant, and a young woman who finds herself wrapped up in the whole exchange.  I know there are echoes of Disney movies, and a mask I saw in a Halloween store.  It might even have a little echo from A.E. Marling’s new book.

So, I asked myself, how often does one thing shape something else?

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As promised, the RahXephon OVA, Thatness and Thereness.  Before you watch, I should point out this is not essential to understanding the series.  In fact, this is probably the most confusing thing associated with RahXephon.  It’s all about Quon and, if she didn’t boggle enough minds, today there are two of her!

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RahXephon: Human Specimen #1

We seem to be on a Quon kick at the moment.  It’s almost like riddle-girl might be important or something…

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