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I’ve spent plenty of time recently talking about Scars Of Shadow, my next dark fantasy serial.

I’ve spent even longer talking about how I want to start a Patreon page.

Last year, I learned a lot about how Smashwords works and just what it can offer.

By April 1, 2017, I’ll be making use of all three.

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Be Nice To Your Ex

I have two ex-girlfriends. I’m on friendly terms with both of them.

After an exciting round of Dark Souls 3, I was about to shut off the game for the night. I’d drawn plenty of enjoyment out of it, including one incredible accomplishment.

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Taking A Trip

We go places from time to time. This summer, I’ve gone northwest to surprise my Uncle for his birthday. I’ve gone south to see my nephew on his birthday. I’ve gone north to see some balloons, only to encounter rain instead.

In a few days, I’m heading southeast. I’m going back to Dragon Con.

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Adventures In Reality Checks

Over the weekend, I went on an adventure. Yes, I know many people go on adventures each weekend, but I don’t usually.

On Saturday, I checked out Penned Con in St. Louis. While there, I learned I was behind on a number of things, but ahead on others.

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Thank Your Network

You may have seen an actual picture of me. There’s one that I use a lot because it looks good, looks like me, and it features a smile.

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Caught In A Vise

Last week, I had to work six days straight. My day job usually comes in 12-hour shifts, so that’s a lot of time at work. This week, I’m doing five days in a row.

Between going to and from work, sleep, eating, there’s not much time for writing. I have to steal every ounce I can get.

Is it enough?

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I spoke on Monday about the value of networking, not just over social media, but in general.  That got me thinking that I could do something, if only a little something, to actively pursue that idea.  I’ve seen plenty of people, writers included, who set up big strokes to regularly interact with a large group of people just to get their name out there.

I’ve also seen evidence that supports the idea that talking to a lot of people in networks is good, but making friends is better.

So let’s make some friends.

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