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The Table Returns

I’m setting up shop again to sell books and limited prints. This time, I’ll be at the ToyMan Show in St. Louis, MO on September 27.

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I went to Dragon Con over the weekend. I have plenty of tales to tell. Many lessons were learned.

One of them is simple and can be summed up here:

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Adventures In Reality Checks

Over the weekend, I went on an adventure. Yes, I know many people go on adventures each weekend, but I don’t usually.

On Saturday, I checked out Penned Con in St. Louis. While there, I learned I was behind on a number of things, but ahead on others.

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One of the trickiest things for a lot of creative people is figuring out how to act around strangers.  Do you act cool?  Aloof?  Friendly?  Excited?  And how genuine or fake will those things seem?

I would always argue that one should be themselves.  People see through false joy, feigned excitement, any emotional deception designed to get a person to buy a book.

At Cape Comic Con, I was fortunate enough to meet John Wesley Shipp, who provided a perfect example of how an artist should act when meeting with the public.

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My First Con Experience

As I’ve mentioned before, I was at the 10th Cape Comic Con from April 17-19.  It was quite a show, even if I was behind a table most of the time.

Speaking of tables, here’s what my table set up looked like:

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Having now run a table at a convention, I can say that pursuing artistic employment is harder than I though it would be.  It’s tough because the only stories that matter are the ones available to purchase at that moment.  The only images that matter are the ones people can see without any prompting.

This is no different than usual.

I enjoyed my experience at Cape Comic Con.  I’m sure I’ll do it again, if all goes well.

Maiden of the Star Stairs

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Appearing at Cape Comic Con is a big deal for me, not just because it’s my first con selling things.  This is an opportunity to really test myself, to see how good I am at sharing my creativity with the public as a whole.

I’m not just going to share my writing at the show.  I have art as well.  And not just prints.

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Table Layout

Modern writers need some sort of convention presence.  I’ve seen enough of my favorite writers set up shop in such a way, though others keep themselves busy with appearances, if they’re lucky.  Some writers set up a table and stack up books.  Some go for different layouts, working with other writers to set up an area that looks more like a showroom than a simple table display.

Everyone has different ways to go about it, but the important thing is to make a good show, spread the word, and sell some cool stuff.

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Planning Conventions

At a few of the conventions I have attended, regardless of size, there have been writers on hand, selling their works.  This hasn’t just been small-press or wholly independent authors, but seasoned veterans as well.

Every table has a different approach, from aesthetic to display.

Seeing a variety of these displays has made me realize I need to keep my own potential table setup in mind, if only for planning purposes.

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