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A guest post by Mike Whitacre.

First thing’s first:  I want to thank Len for inviting me to guest post at his blog.  It’s an honor and a privilege, and I hope to share more online blog interactions in the future.

Now, I’m going to admit something right away:  I don’t really have an all time favorite book.  I don’t know if writers really do have one favorite book, I just know that I have several that meet the top of my Golden Standard, which is immensely lower than the actual Golden Standard, and horribly lower than a perfectionist’s standard.  But, since this blog post is suppose to be about one author (which isn’t a hard choice) and one book (which is a hard choice), I have choose a book based on the standard that has driven me, guides me, and is practically the wind of my sails. Continue reading


The Taking


During my most recent semi-annual book buying episode (employee appreciation at Barnes & Noble), I came across this Dean Koontz novel, thinking I need to read more of his work.  The plot appealed to me, sounding like a fusion of an alien invasion and an intimate horror. Continue reading