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No, that’s near-genius, not super genius.

Lately, that’s what I’ve been calling myself, a near-genius.  I took an IQ test in high school and missed the cutoff for genius by five points.  That’s why I call myself a near-genius; I’m nearly a genius, but not quite.

I bring it up because I notice the constant trend of fantasy and science fiction books when it comes to terminology.  Many of these writers come up with words.  Each of these falsified terms has a role to play in defining characters and shaping the world of the story.

There is an alternative.

In many of his books, Gene Wolfe doesn’t make up any words for his stories.  In The Book of the New Sun, he uses terms like fuligin and fiacre to describe colors and carriages.  These are archaic or foreign words, but they are existing words.  Why do we have to make something up when there’s a perfectly good word already waiting for us?

Just something to think about.


Now That I Am Dead…

Having seen Neil Gaiman’s post about the passing of Iain Banks, I wanted to explore my own goals.  It’s hard for someone to keep going in a creative field, especially in hard times.  So, in honor of those who spend their lives making good art, I try to do the same.


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What Happened to Raw Creation?

I love books.  Aside from having stories to write and share with the world, I love being able to look at words and find myself in another place, another time, maybe even as another person.  That is the joy of escapism, especially when it comes to the realm of fiction.

Maybe it’s because realism allows us to relate to the characters in a story, maybe it’s because we live in a tense world with a bitter social climate, but it seems like we have lost our sense of imagination.

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