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Need Something to Read?

Dragon Con is upon us once more, which means I will depart (within 90 minutes of writing this).

To mark the occasion, I have three surprises for you all. Some may already have this, others might be hearing about this for the first time. Either way, spread the word to your friends–I have free things to read!

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Do both every day.

I see variations on that with a degree of frequency. When I have a chance, I do my very best to edit Tesseract, write “The Mirror Of Tila,” and try really hard to be good to everyone.

The town I live in is one of the most conservative placed in the United States. I am not a conservative. Still, I have many local friends. There’s a warmth in my heart knowing that I have a diverse group of people I care about. Both genders, several religious affiliations, no less than four races. Continue reading

The Table Returns

I’m setting up shop again to sell books and limited prints. This time, I’ll be at the ToyMan Show in St. Louis, MO on September 27.

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There’s a link on the sidebar of this blog, a simple label showing that I have a page on DeviantArt.  For years, I did little with it, not giving it much to grow from.  It was a place where some of my art chose to live, sometimes loved, sometimes forgotten.

In the past few years, my skills as an artist have increased on average.  I’m strongest with an F pencil, though I’m willing to play with pens and Photoshop when the need arises.

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Yes, You’re Wrong

Want to hear an embarrassing story?  Sure you do.

I send a query letter out every day I don’t work my day job.  That means, once or twice a week, I let a literary agent know about Mind & Machine.  No one else is going to do it for me, right?

Imagine my surprise when I realize that every one of those letters I’ve sent in the past few months has been wrong.

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One of my best frends got engaged the other day.  While this should simply be a

joyous note, his impending marriage is illegal in twenty states, including the one

he currently lives in.  This represents an inherent lack of acceptance and adaptation,

especially from those who claim to follow the hippie liberal progressive we call Jesus.


Such discrimination led to me asking myself what would happen if the LGBT

community decided they’d had enough and decided to fight back.  It made me

wonder how I would feel if my ability to date someone or get married were impaired by

some obligatory decree made by a government that made no attempt to understand


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Table Layout

Modern writers need some sort of convention presence.  I’ve seen enough of my favorite writers set up shop in such a way, though others keep themselves busy with appearances, if they’re lucky.  Some writers set up a table and stack up books.  Some go for different layouts, working with other writers to set up an area that looks more like a showroom than a simple table display.

Everyone has different ways to go about it, but the important thing is to make a good show, spread the word, and sell some cool stuff.

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Quiet Condemnation, Public Praise

When I visited Jonesboro, AR for my nephew’s recent birthday, I stopped briefly in their Barnes & Noble, hoping to find a copy of a book I had not been able to track down locally. Looking around their store, I noticed a good number of people throughout the area, looking through books, sitting in the cafe, and relaxing in the seating area.

These are the sorts of things one would expect to see in a bookstore, especially a Barnes & Noble. I haven’t seen such a sight in the better part of five years.

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I’m trying something new–blogging by tweet.  This was posted from 11 to 11:45PM CST, June 23, 2014.  Full details can be found at https://twitter.com/sithlordlb

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There’s an old saying about writing, that nothing is ever finished, just abandoned.

On July 6, 2012, I posted Vitamin F for sale on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  It’s been an exciting experience just having an e-book available.  I’ve even managed to get a number of sales without doing much on promotion.

I had another reason for holding back on promotion.

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