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Picking the Next Book

Reading is something all writers have to aspire to.  The more writers read, the more they’ll understand about how the publishing game has worked in the past, what structures work, what plots do nothing.  Reading gives writers the audience perspective, something that’s of great importance when starting or editing any project.

For someone with as varied tastes as myself, it’s not easy picking out what to read.  Unlike many people, I’ll stop reading a book if it doesn’t appeal to me or if I’m just not in the mood.  A great example of this is Mike Carey’s Felix Castor books; every time I try to read The Devil You Know, I find myself in the wrong mood and unable to get out of the first chapter.  That doesn’t mean I won’t read it, that just means I’ve been trying to read it at the wrong times. Continue reading


Books I Like

This is probably a primer for another post.  I’ll let you decide.

I’ve read a great many books in my life.  You might think that they would be fantasy or science fiction, but, with one exception, this was not the case until I hit college.  Before then, I read Stephen King and John Grisham.  King and Grisham, Grisham and King.  Before them were a handful of other works, between them came school reading and The Hobbit. Continue reading