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After writing “The Other Identity”, I really wanted to write something more with Kathryn Angel.  I really missed writing that character and I wanted to do more with her.  I had half an idea, which led me back to a subplot I want to put in the fourth Golden Hollow book.

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A New Exercise

In the past few days, I’ve put together a new way of motivating myself to write.  Since one of my weak points is often my lack of description, I’ve been writing descriptions of interesting people that I see.  Even more important, I’m writing those lines and paragraphs down. Continue reading

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After getting 322 words typed on my steampunk short story, figuring out how to make one of the villainous Brill’Que (“those who give birth to themselves”), and editing the next to last chapter of Vitamin F, I think I’ve made fair progress.

I just made my room reservation for the Missouri Writer’s Conference.  Now, I’m just waiting to get my tax return in so I can pay my conference fees and do a little more meeting and greeting with other writers and literary agents.

Today’s plan is to finish editing draft four of Vitamin F and I think I’ll do it.  I’m going to write more on the steampunk story and plan out the edits I need to make on Mind & Machine.

Kathryn Angel

I thought I would take a moment and say a little about one of my characters.  Since I have a lot of characters from The Golden Hollow, I’m going to start with the Golden Hollow herself, Kathryn Angel.  She may not always be at the front of the action or directly appear in each story, but without her, there is no series.

This is a recent picture I drew of Kathryn using color pens my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew gave me for Christmas.

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Telekinetic Cat Fight

Starting things out can always be difficult, especially when it comes to novels.  At this point, I’ve finished at least an initial draft of three books, two of which are part of The Golden Hollow.  For the most part, that series focuses on the telepath, Commander and his fight against the conspiracy called Decimal.  Another major conflict for Commander is that he has the power to change the course of destiny, his destiny, in fact, is to destroy destiny or at least defy it.

I first introduce this idea when Commander meets mystical librarian Sandra Bright in Mind & Machine.  In this first Golden Hollow book, Bright argues that she will help Commander on the condition that he helps her with something in the future.  She doesn’t say what she needs help with of course, as that would be telling.  Bright knows what will happen, but is aware that Commander’s opinions will sway his actions.

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