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Happy Life Day 2015!

Yes, I’m a few days early, but I’m excited.

Many people have seen the arrival of Star Wars: The Force Awakens as a reason to call it “Nerd Christmas.” Since the franchise already has a similar (apocryphal) holiday, I’m using that greeting instead:

Happy Life Day!


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The Unnecessary Gesture

There’s a trend I’ve noticed in science fiction and fantasy. Any time someone wants to use their powers, they are depended upon gesturing.

Now look at this sequence from The Empire Strikes Back, specifically Vader’s attack at 3:35.

Gone is the gestures commonplace in today’s media. With hardly any gestures at all Luke is assaulted by all manner of debris. Does Vader need to point his hand or finger at Luke? No. He simply uses the power available to him.

What is more impressive? The character who has to extend their hands or the one who just does it?

You’ve heard the story.  Disney purchased Star Wars.  A few years ago, Disney bought Marvel.  Before that, they bought Pixar, and the Muppets before that.

These big entertainment conglomerates are buying up everything that they can get their hands on.  It’s a big deal with a lot of big money involved.

Before you start having fantasies about how much money you could make, you should realize something: Uncle Scrooge already has a Money Bin.

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Start Normal, Get Crazy

Here is my standard approach to storytelling, no punches pulled, no holding back.  Start Normal, Get Crazy.  Sounds odd, I’m sure, but it’s more common than you might think–and I can prove it with one picture:

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Super or Sullen

After hearing the news about the upcoming DC 52 book relaunch/reboot/regurgitation, I got excited to see a few things.  Like some of the WildCATs and a solo book for Mister Terrific.  Wonder Woman wearing pants still is a good thing and she still looks iconic.  Superman, however, is….  It’s so stupid, I don’t fell like typing it.  But I will copy/paste! Continue reading