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Last Monday, I finished compiling the first draft of “The Mirror of Tila.” With that done, I have no active project where I’m doing the initial writing.

As the saying goes: What to do, what to do?


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Years ago, my sister mentioned that she read to escape from the world.  Her point was that if she wanted to see reality, all she needed to do was look outside or turn on the news.  Like me, April tends to read fiction, though I favor science fiction and fantasy more than she does.

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Reading as Elitism

Too often, I see articles about the “battle” between traditional publishing and e-books.  I’ve seen discussions about Amazon being great or brick and mortar stores being better.  It’s left me wondering if reading has become rare to the point of becoming elitist in the future.

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Damn, I Hate Fairies

Ask anyone I talk to about books, or read my thoughts about Felurian or the book Ghost Story.  I hate fairies.

Maybe I should clarify that a little.  I hate the fae.

No, I can do better than that.  I hate when the fae show up in fantasy books that I’m really enjoying.  They ruin everything.

And yet, I’m almost 400 pages into Cold Days, the latest fae-saturated book in The Dresden Files.

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