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Brienne Is My Hero

I’ve had things to say about Game of Thrones.  Good or bad, it’s because the narrative and the characters are so engaging.  While a lot of people are going to sing the praises of the male characters, I’m going to share a few thoughts on a character I’m enjoying more and more, Brienne of Tarth.

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In my days as a bookseller, I heard a common complaint about most authors: They don’t write fast enough.

This isn’t a bad thing to have someone reading your work say.  I’ve only had two short stories in print and I’ve had people tell me that about my own work.  Typically, it’s a sign that people want to read more of a writer’s work.

Sometimes, it’s an actual complaint.

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The Meek Become Strong

Something I’ve always liked in stories is seeing a character go from a state of weakness to become much more than anyone could have imagined.  This is something I see more often in female characters, but it’s usually done to demonstrate how much a character changes. Continue reading

Super or Sullen

After hearing the news about the upcoming DC 52 book relaunch/reboot/regurgitation, I got excited to see a few things.  Like some of the WildCATs and a solo book for Mister Terrific.  Wonder Woman wearing pants still is a good thing and she still looks iconic.  Superman, however, is….  It’s so stupid, I don’t fell like typing it.  But I will copy/paste! Continue reading

What Were You Wanting To Read?

Twice a year, I stock up on books.  I tell myself that I’m getting everything that I’m going to read for the next six months, but something, a Brandon Sanderson or Jim Butcher book for example, always comes up.  A lot of what I try to do is find things to read that will not only prove interesting, but also will help me become a better writer. Continue reading