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Writing Series with Shen Hart

With the recent release of Wyrd Calling, I wanted to give author Shen Hart a moment here to mark the occasion.  Since she’s just starting the Wyrd Bound series, I thought it was great for her to talk about different kinds of series.

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Book Blast: Just Breathe

In a few weeks, I’ll be sharing a review with you about Kendall Grey’s latest book Just Breathe.  Today, however, I just want to take a moment and let you know that it’s out there, ready for you to discover! Continue reading

Tracy Kauffman is a Christian Young Adult writer, who has previously released Southern Adventures.  Today, I’m giving her the floor to discuss her new book, Richard the Lionheart.

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Guest Post: What Is Art?

If I may steal your attention for a moment, I’d like to introduce Gabriel Fitzpatrick.  I could call him a wanderer, a dissident, a refugee, a hedonist, or a romantic since he is so well-traveled, but I think the best descriptor might be the author of the upcoming Rmnce, which will be available October 1.

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The NaNoWriMo Folly

Today, I’m handing over the blog to A.K. Flynn as part of her blog tour.  Like my own recent blog tour, it was set up with the help of all the fine people in Literary+

As someone who has won NaNoWriMo twice, I know just how much of a challenge and how rewarding it can be.  It’s quite the battle, but for those brave enough to attempt it, there’s a lot of on-the-job training to be had with it.

Now, I’ll let A.K. take the stage…

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A guest post by Daniel Campisi.

I never used to be voracious reader.

A funny trait for a writer I know. I love books and stories, and always have since I was a boy, and I loved to read. However, as I grew older my appetite for literature lessened.  It got to the point where I would go months at a time without picking up and reading a single page of a book. To this day I’ve never read many classics of fiction that most people are forced to read in school.  Maybe I took the wrong classes, or maybe the right ones depending on your point of view. Continue reading

A guest post by Samantha Wurner.

When I was first asked to this blog, I was a little nervous. So many great books and authors to choose from, can I even limit it down? I thought long and hard about what I looked for in a book.  Adventure, check. Fantasy, check. Mystery and a little romance, but not based on just that, check. Political intrigue, check. But there are so many books out there that are like that, a lot I call favorites. A lot of authors can make all of these elements so magical that you just want to keep reading and not put the book down. So I sat down, long and hard. I didn’t even try to write this blog for a least a week after I was asked. It was too hard of a decision to make right off the bat. So I waited and I pondered. Continue reading