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I’ve spent plenty of time recently talking about Scars Of Shadow, my next dark fantasy serial.

I’ve spent even longer talking about how I want to start a Patreon page.

Last year, I learned a lot about how Smashwords works and just what it can offer.

By April 1, 2017, I’ll be making use of all three.

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Quiet Condemnation, Public Praise

When I visited Jonesboro, AR for my nephew’s recent birthday, I stopped briefly in their Barnes & Noble, hoping to find a copy of a book I had not been able to track down locally. Looking around their store, I noticed a good number of people throughout the area, looking through books, sitting in the cafe, and relaxing in the seating area.

These are the sorts of things one would expect to see in a bookstore, especially a Barnes & Noble. I haven’t seen such a sight in the better part of five years.

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Reading as Elitism

Too often, I see articles about the “battle” between traditional publishing and e-books.  I’ve seen discussions about Amazon being great or brick and mortar stores being better.  It’s left me wondering if reading has become rare to the point of becoming elitist in the future.

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Stuck in the Trenches

I was checking twitter earlier, and saw something @BrianReed said:

“If B&N didn’t have lousy customer service, & if Nook weren’t a train wreck, AND if it wasn’t $50 more than Kindle, they might have a shot.”

He’s clearly referring to the announcement that Marvel would be supplying exclusive digital content to the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet and Nook Color.  That, of course, is a counter-offensive in response to DC offering exclusive content to the Kindle Fire.

And as a writer and a book lover, Brian Reed’s comment just pisses me off.

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