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I’m trying out something different.  Knowing in advance that I’m going to see the latest Rebuild of Evangelion movie, Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo, I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts about the franchise and what I’m hoping for.  Not wanting to stop at an easy point, I’m going to also share what I think after seeing it as well.

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As promised, the RahXephon OVA, Thatness and Thereness.  Before you watch, I should point out this is not essential to understanding the series.  In fact, this is probably the most confusing thing associated with RahXephon.  It’s all about Quon and, if she didn’t boggle enough minds, today there are two of her!

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RahXephon: Human Specimen #1

We seem to be on a Quon kick at the moment.  It’s almost like riddle-girl might be important or something…

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RahXephon: Black Egg

Now that we’ve thoroughly seen Ayato put through the psychological ringer, you’d think things would return to normal again, right?  Not a chance.  We just get a new battle, one much more straightforward than the mental nightmare Ayato went through last time. Continue reading

RahXephon: Sonata of Recollection

When last we left Narai-Kanai, Ayato had just remembered “The Fate of Katun” all by himself.  And there was that whole spirited forth thing, too.

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RahXephon: Small Shrine of Time

I want to be honest with you, so I need to admit something: Episode Nine is my least favorite episode.  For me, this is like watching the first-run finale of Neon Genesis Evangelion.  It’s trippy, it’s weird visuals, it’s just plain nuts.  I don’t hate this episode and I appreciate what it does for things in the long term.  Coming off the previous episode, which is one of my favorites, this is a step back.  It’s also the first time RahXephon shows us all the relationships now that we, the audience, are in on what’s actually going on.

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When we last left Narai-Kanai, as the RahXephon delivered the killing blow to a Dolem the titan was impaled.  On the island below, Uncle Rikudo and the reporter Futagami had a conversation containing the first BIG CLUE.  In the spirit of Christmas–at least for our characters, let us return and learn of greater things. Continue reading

RahXephon: Day of Assembly

Last time, we explored the collateral damage caused by Dolem attacks.  We also got to know Kim Hotal and had a chance to see Ayato deal with the decision to pilot the RahXephon.

We know there’s been war between humans and the Mu.  We know Ayato and the RahXephon are both important to the outcome of that battle.  We can guess that TERRA is after something other than simply defeating the Mu.  And Ayato, thanks to living in Tokyo Jupiter, is out of touch by twelve years. Continue reading

RahXephon: Obliterated Cities

Here’s a new treat: Pictures!  I’m going to try to post a few pics so I can make my points a little easier.  If you see what I see, I think I’ll make more sense, or you can tell me where I’ve gone wrong.  Not a lot of pictures, though, just enough to make a better show of things. Continue reading

RahXephon: Nirai-Kanai

Just to note, I have been doing my little analysis of RahXephon watching the English dub and a few scenes in Japanese.  I’ve seen all the episodes up to this point in Japanese when I was first introduced to the series, but anything from here would be new territory for me watching in the show’s native tongue.  I’ve wanted to do this for some time, but watching as intently as I have been, I know this is the perfect opportunity to maybe find things I might have missed.  One thing is Bahbem’s motivations (I know, he hasn’t shown up yet), but there’s another element involving Quon that I’m looking for, since multiple sources claim it when I’ve never seen evidence toward it.  Talk about being vague.

Why don’t I get back to the task at hand?  We’re at a critical point in Ayato’s tale, the point where we find out if it’s possible for Ayato to really understand the world he’s found himself in.  I’ll warn you know, there are A LOT of characters introduced here and they all play a significant role in things to come.  We won’t get to the end without them, so bear with me, I’m going to be describing a lot of of people.

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