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A guest post by Mike Whitacre.

First thing’s first:  I want to thank Len for inviting me to guest post at his blog.  It’s an honor and a privilege, and I hope to share more online blog interactions in the future.

Now, I’m going to admit something right away:  I don’t really have an all time favorite book.  I don’t know if writers really do have one favorite book, I just know that I have several that meet the top of my Golden Standard, which is immensely lower than the actual Golden Standard, and horribly lower than a perfectionist’s standard.  But, since this blog post is suppose to be about one author (which isn’t a hard choice) and one book (which is a hard choice), I have choose a book based on the standard that has driven me, guides me, and is practically the wind of my sails. Continue reading


Writers Talking Writers 2011: Emily Suess

A guest post by Emily Suess.

I’m 31, and I Still Read Teen Lit

I’m one of those people who always cringes when asked questions like “What’s your favorite music group?” or “Who’s your favorite author?” The thing is, I like music and reading so much that it’s difficult to pick a favorite. Usually, in situations like these, I resort to picking my favorite thing right now. Continue reading

Hey everyone, it’s Len.  I just wanted to drop in really quick to introduce our Mystery Guest.

You may be asking why I have a mystery guest at all, especially when I’ve already had two great guest bloggers so far and two more to come.  It’s simply that I had an opening, I knew of someone who was available, and I knew that he would want to take part.

Without further ado, a post from our Mystery Guest…

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A guest post by Daniel Campisi.

I never used to be voracious reader.

A funny trait for a writer I know. I love books and stories, and always have since I was a boy, and I loved to read. However, as I grew older my appetite for literature lessened.  It got to the point where I would go months at a time without picking up and reading a single page of a book. To this day I’ve never read many classics of fiction that most people are forced to read in school.  Maybe I took the wrong classes, or maybe the right ones depending on your point of view. Continue reading

Writers Talking Writers 2011

Recently, I found myself wondering how to better market writers–and thus myself–to the internet community.  At the same time, I was discussing writing and books with several authors both online and through more conventional means.  Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I could open the door of guest posting and share that same discussion with any and all who might pass my blog.

Also, this month marks a year since I started this blog, so I could think of no finer discussion to have to mark such a simple anniversary.

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