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A Pair Of Invitations

This is me promoting myself. Or building my platform. Pick any buzzword you like.

Truthfully, I’ve been doing things with YouTube that I enjoy. Do these things help me establish myself as a writer? Critical thinker? I’ll leave that answer up to you.

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Lets Talk Taxes

Yes, it’s time to start thinking about your taxes. Not your 2016 taxes.

2017 Taxes. This year’s taxes.

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PREPARE TO DIE. Those are the words boldly marked on the back cover of Dark Souls. In a more literal sense, it means Prepare To Fail. As with any challenging venture, failure should not only be planned for, it should be anticipated. Failure is how we improve.

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Last Monday, I finished compiling the first draft of “The Mirror of Tila.” With that done, I have no active project where I’m doing the initial writing.

As the saying goes: What to do, what to do?


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Cursed Marks

We take inspiration from many things as we create.  Star Wars has clear shades of DuneO Brother Where Art Thou is an alternate version of The Odyssey, just like the comic series Ody-C.

In the past couple of years, I’ve become a fan of Dark Souls and related games by Hidetaka Miyazaki. His games are filled with dark atmosphere and indirect storytelling.  Symbols and themes are the strongest elements in Souls games, among them is the Dark Sign.

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I’m trying something new–blogging by tweet.  This was posted from 11 to 11:45PM CST, June 23, 2014.  Full details can be found at https://twitter.com/sithlordlb

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Storytelling through Lore

There are times when writers experiment with ways to tell a story, but one thing remains consistent: using what isn’t said to tell the story as much as the words on the page.

George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire is an excellent example of this, using recollections and the presence of lingering artifacts to tell the story of Robert’s Rebellion and the ancient history of Westros.  However, Martin has nothing on Hidetaka Miyazaki, chief director of FromSoftware’s Dark Souls.

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About That Mass Effect 3 Ending

Before I say anything else, I want to say a few words about Mass Effect as a whole.  It’s fun and you feel like a big damn hero/heroine when you play it.  The fate of the Milky Way galaxy is resting on your shoulders and the battles keep getting bigger and badder, while the characters become deeper and richer.  A simple mission at the beginning of the first game leads to Shepard–your character–making a decision on the fate of the galaxy for thousands of years to come.

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NaNoWriMo is Kicking My Ass

I’m not going to try and hide from the fact that I’ve had some difficulty with writing The Night Lands.  It’s a difficult story in the sense that I have to build a world out of a few vague ideas and only had two characters names when November 1 hit.

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Ten Fun Facts

This has been a recent thing running around twitter as of late: saying ten things about yourself that are illuminating and a solid note about who you are.  I thought I’d play, but I thought I’d put my facts together in one place to make it easier to see them all. Continue reading