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First Fifty Pages: Steelheart

I’m a sucker for Brandon Sanderson’s work and I have been for a while.  While his epic fantasies have always had interesting characters and well-thought magic systems, he hasn’t stepped into the realm of full-blown science fiction before.  In Steelheart, he’s getting closer to sci-fi than ever before.

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First Fifty Pages: Under Heaven

About two years ago, I read Guy Gavriel Kay’s Tigana, which may be one of the finest fantasy worlds I’ve ever visited.  Note how I say that: I visited Tigana, which isn’t difficult when you’re reading about a fascinating character like the courtesan Dianora.

This time, rather than seeing a parallel of Italy in the Middle Ages, I’m reading about eighth-century China, in the form of the fantasy nation of Kitai.  This is the setting of Under Heaven, a story that promises to be very different from Kay’s previous works.

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It’s rare for me to dive into robot-centric science fiction, just as it’s infrequent for me to read works from British authors I’ve never read before.  Both of these apply in approaching Tony Ballantyne’s Twisted Metal.

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First Fifty Pages: The Warded Man

Since I’m always interested in getting a reader’s attention and keeping it, I’m starting a new feature.  First Fifty Pages is going to be a simple assessment of the first fifty pages of whatever book I’m reading now.  First up, since it’s the book I’m reading now, is Peter V. Brett’s The Warded Man (known as The Painted Man in a large part of the world).

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