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Yes, we are all tired of this awful election season. We have all seen some of the worst mud-slinging that’s come about in–possibly–generations. So, God in Heaven, why would I want to talk more about politics?


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Want To See What I’m Writing?

This year’s NaNoWriMo project features the first installment of Saga of the Elagabal: The Loyalty of Severus. That’s right, the first book has a title now. Chuck Wendig asked readers to share a thousand words of their project, so I thought now is a good opportunity to do just that.

In this scene, Varius, the heir of the ostracized House Severus, has both his mind and combat skills tested by the Imperial General Caracalla. This is Varius’ “put your hand in the box” moment (if you remember Dune, you’ll get it).

Anyway, enjoy this scene from draft one:

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The Role of History

Recently, I’ve been reading DB Jackson’s Dead Man’s Reach, the latest entry in The Thieftaker Chronicles. Since the series is set in pre-Revolutionary Boston, history isn’t just an impacting force on the story, it drives the setting and immediate events. The latest entry is no different since it includes many of the events leading to the Boston Massacre.

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The First Fifty Pages: Hellhole

When you look on a shelf and see a book written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, you expect it will be one of their Dune prequels, or maybe one of the concluding books to the saga.  There is an exception to this (actually two now) in the form of Hellhole.

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Inspired by a recent post by my friend, Shen Hart, I’ve decided to start looking at some of the key elements that defined my creative mindset.  First up, Dune.

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