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I’ve only started reading the latest entry in Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archive, Oathbringer, and I’ve already found an incredible quote. Don’t worry, this isn’t a super-spoilery line. It’s actually from a flashback.


Life was about momentum. Pick a direction and don’t let anything–man or storm–turn you aside.

I don’t think I’ve seen a line of inspiration that good in a long time.


It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Brandon Sanderson’s writing.  I started following his work with Elantris and Mistborn, carrying on to the present.  His latest novel, Words of Radiance, is the second book of The Stormlight Archive.  The main female character of this series is Shallan Davar, a scholar filled with secrets, talent, and wonder.  She’s become my favorite character from any novel.

As such, I would like to share my appreciation of Shallan with the following, a love letter.

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First Fifty Pages: Steelheart

I’m a sucker for Brandon Sanderson’s work and I have been for a while.  While his epic fantasies have always had interesting characters and well-thought magic systems, he hasn’t stepped into the realm of full-blown science fiction before.  In Steelheart, he’s getting closer to sci-fi than ever before.

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The Surprise of Progress

Being December, it is a time for crazy work schedules, later than usual shifts, and more grief from the public than usual.  Finding time to type in all that is hard, even compared to the battle that is NaNoWriMo.

I have been reading though…

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What Happened to Raw Creation?

I love books.  Aside from having stories to write and share with the world, I love being able to look at words and find myself in another place, another time, maybe even as another person.  That is the joy of escapism, especially when it comes to the realm of fiction.

Maybe it’s because realism allows us to relate to the characters in a story, maybe it’s because we live in a tense world with a bitter social climate, but it seems like we have lost our sense of imagination.

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Start Normal, Get Crazy

Here is my standard approach to storytelling, no punches pulled, no holding back.  Start Normal, Get Crazy.  Sounds odd, I’m sure, but it’s more common than you might think–and I can prove it with one picture:

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Hey everyone, it’s Len.  I just wanted to drop in really quick to introduce our Mystery Guest.

You may be asking why I have a mystery guest at all, especially when I’ve already had two great guest bloggers so far and two more to come.  It’s simply that I had an opening, I knew of someone who was available, and I knew that he would want to take part.

Without further ado, a post from our Mystery Guest…

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The Voice

I’ve heard a writer’s voice is one of the most important things about their craft.  You always know when you’ve read on of Neil Gaiman’s metaphors.  You know when the text is phonetic and southern, it’s Mark Twain.  If you see a lot of second person or exceptional detail describing hand-to-hand combat, it has to be Greg Rucka.  Should you be reading prose that paints a setting out of emotions as well as visuals, you have to be reading Guy Gavriel Kay.

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Thoughts on 31

Today is my birthday and I think it’s a good chance for me to look back at what I’ve done in the past year.  My efforts have been to reach my true goal, getting my novels published on a steady schedule, one where I can write full-time. Continue reading

I’m quite a fan of Brandon Sanderson’s work.  He’s a rarity in the world of fantasy writers: someone willing to write fantasy and not feel compelled to give characters pointed ears and have them reenact famous battles.  Brandon Sanderson actually writes fantasy where warfare might happen, but it’s only a small part of the intricate worlds he creates.

Though it was his second major fantasy work, Sanderson’s Mistborn novels are the only gap in my reading.  I read The Final Empire last year on a trip to Texas and, with the release of The Alloy of Law looming closer, I decided to finish reading this initial trilogy, picking up with The Well of Ascension.

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