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It Would Be Easy To Give Up

I’ve had a world of crushing stress fall on me over the years, it’s what makes the writing good.

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Can You Fall In Love Again?

When I worked at the bookstore, I ran into a coworker in the break room.  Megan was always reading something interesting, so, when I saw her with a new book, I asked, “What are you reading?”

She looked slightly away from me as she held up the hardcover in her hands.  It was one of those vampire books that a lot of people read and everyone makes fun of now.  “I got on the bandwagon.”

Valuing her opinion, I asked, “Is it any good?”

Megan’s answer: “No.”

A few weeks later, I caught her again with a hardcover.  “Still reading it?”

“No,” she said, lifting the book.  “I moved on to the next one.”

“So it got better?”

“No.  It’s awful.”

I can’t make this stuff up.

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In the movie Galaxy Quest, Tim Allen’s character has a line he delivers at the end of every mission.  “Never give up, never surrender.”  Sure it can be a bit hokey, but there’s a truth to that line.

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Last week, I tried out blogging by tweet, so here I go again!  This time, I talked about Writer’s Restraint starting at 5 PM CST on June 30, 2014.

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I’m trying something new–blogging by tweet.  This was posted from 11 to 11:45PM CST, June 23, 2014.  Full details can be found at

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Brienne Is My Hero

I’ve had things to say about Game of Thrones.  Good or bad, it’s because the narrative and the characters are so engaging.  While a lot of people are going to sing the praises of the male characters, I’m going to share a few thoughts on a character I’m enjoying more and more, Brienne of Tarth.

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Given the recent conflict between Amazon and Hachette, I have made a realization regarding the future of traditional publishing.  I am posting this as an open letter to share the idea, since it is one I think would be vastly successful.

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Why I Love The X-Men

With X-Men: Days of Future Past coming in a few days, I’m going to take a moment and share some of the reasons why I love these characters.

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Why “Let It Go” Works

Musicals have never been my thing.  I doubt they ever will.  When these characters pointlessly burst into song, I want to slap them, not cheer for them.

Yet, I saw Frozen and my biggest complaint was, big surprise, there’s too much singing.  I wouldn’t purge all of it, because there’s one piece that must stay.

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There’s an old saying about writing, that nothing is ever finished, just abandoned.

On July 6, 2012, I posted Vitamin F for sale on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  It’s been an exciting experience just having an e-book available.  I’ve even managed to get a number of sales without doing much on promotion.

I had another reason for holding back on promotion.

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