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Just Chill

There are times when it all looks like too much.  In those moments, we have to just chill.

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Planning Conventions

At a few of the conventions I have attended, regardless of size, there have been writers on hand, selling their works.  This hasn’t just been small-press or wholly independent authors, but seasoned veterans as well.

Every table has a different approach, from aesthetic to display.

Seeing a variety of these displays has made me realize I need to keep my own potential table setup in mind, if only for planning purposes.

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Who’s The Villain?

A hero is only as good as their villain.  That’s a line I use when I look at a story that leans on an action hero, especially in science fiction and fantasy.  Dune has the Harkonnens, distinct greedy psychopaths all looking for to satisfy their personal desires.  Star Wars has Darth Vader, with all his heavy breathing and cold menace.

After seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, I found another villain who embraces the unrepentant nature of the true villain.  Ronan the Accuser.

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Can Feminism Be Tested?

In the past few years, calls for feminism in media has brought a lot of attention to The Bechdel Test.  It’s a nice idea having at least two named female characters in a story who talk to each other about something other than a man.

As an X-Men fan, I’m fine with this idea.  I just don’t know if it’s a representative as it could be.  About a year ago, I found an alternative that works just as well, the Mako Mori Test.

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It Would Be Easy To Give Up

I’ve had a world of crushing stress fall on me over the years, it’s what makes the writing good.

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Can You Fall In Love Again?

When I worked at the bookstore, I ran into a coworker in the break room.  Megan was always reading something interesting, so, when I saw her with a new book, I asked, “What are you reading?”

She looked slightly away from me as she held up the hardcover in her hands.  It was one of those vampire books that a lot of people read and everyone makes fun of now.  “I got on the bandwagon.”

Valuing her opinion, I asked, “Is it any good?”

Megan’s answer: “No.”

A few weeks later, I caught her again with a hardcover.  “Still reading it?”

“No,” she said, lifting the book.  “I moved on to the next one.”

“So it got better?”

“No.  It’s awful.”

I can’t make this stuff up.

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In the movie Galaxy Quest, Tim Allen’s character has a line he delivers at the end of every mission.  “Never give up, never surrender.”  Sure it can be a bit hokey, but there’s a truth to that line.

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Last week, I tried out blogging by tweet, so here I go again!  This time, I talked about Writer’s Restraint starting at 5 PM CST on June 30, 2014.

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I’m trying something new–blogging by tweet.  This was posted from 11 to 11:45PM CST, June 23, 2014.  Full details can be found at

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Brienne Is My Hero

I’ve had things to say about Game of Thrones.  Good or bad, it’s because the narrative and the characters are so engaging.  While a lot of people are going to sing the praises of the male characters, I’m going to share a few thoughts on a character I’m enjoying more and more, Brienne of Tarth.

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