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In the movie Galaxy Quest, Tim Allen’s character has a line he delivers at the end of every mission.  “Never give up, never surrender.”  Sure it can be a bit hokey, but there’s a truth to that line.

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Last week, I tried out blogging by tweet, so here I go again!  This time, I talked about Writer’s Restraint starting at 5 PM CST on June 30, 2014.

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I’m trying something new–blogging by tweet.  This was posted from 11 to 11:45PM CST, June 23, 2014.  Full details can be found at

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Brienne Is My Hero

I’ve had things to say about Game of Thrones.  Good or bad, it’s because the narrative and the characters are so engaging.  While a lot of people are going to sing the praises of the male characters, I’m going to share a few thoughts on a character I’m enjoying more and more, Brienne of Tarth.

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Given the recent conflict between Amazon and Hachette, I have made a realization regarding the future of traditional publishing.  I am posting this as an open letter to share the idea, since it is one I think would be vastly successful.

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Why I Love The X-Men

With X-Men: Days of Future Past coming in a few days, I’m going to take a moment and share some of the reasons why I love these characters.

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Why “Let It Go” Works

Musicals have never been my thing.  I doubt they ever will.  When these characters pointlessly burst into song, I want to slap them, not cheer for them.

Yet, I saw Frozen and my biggest complaint was, big surprise, there’s too much singing.  I wouldn’t purge all of it, because there’s one piece that must stay.

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There’s an old saying about writing, that nothing is ever finished, just abandoned.

On July 6, 2012, I posted Vitamin F for sale on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  It’s been an exciting experience just having an e-book available.  I’ve even managed to get a number of sales without doing much on promotion.

I had another reason for holding back on promotion.

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The Right Impression

This is Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist, and my nominee for Greatest of the Geeks and Nerds.

Aside from being good-humored and confident when he speaks, he’s fountain of knowledge, not just on astrophysics, but on most everything.  Naturally, this makes him a wonderful choice to host the new revival of Cosmos.

Toward the end of the first episode, after exploring the vast known universe and touching upon the slight notes that led to modern scientific principles, he told a simple story.  In the short tale, Tyson described his interactions with the original host and creator of Cosmos, Carl Sagan.  He started by listing a few of Sagan’s notable accomplishments, then opened a backpack.  Inside, he had a copy of Sagan’s day planner from 1976, with one page marked for a meeting with “Neil Tyson.”

Tyson showed another book, a signed copy of one of Sagan’s writings.  As he showed these things, Tyson also related how personal nature and compassion that was inherent in Carl Sagan.  Even though Tyson did not go on to study with Sagan, the meeting still had an impact.  It showed Tyson what kind of man he wanted to be.

Cosmos might be about the vastness of the universe and the grand mysteries waiting to be discovered, but it’s appeal is in embracing the smaller details.  Even something as simple as a professor offering a potential student a place to stay for the night can open doors into a much larger world.  If that can work for Neil deGrasse Tyson, surely it can work for other storytellers as well.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Brandon Sanderson’s writing.  I started following his work with Elantris and Mistborn, carrying on to the present.  His latest novel, Words of Radiance, is the second book of The Stormlight Archive.  The main female character of this series is Shallan Davar, a scholar filled with secrets, talent, and wonder.  She’s become my favorite character from any novel.

As such, I would like to share my appreciation of Shallan with the following, a love letter.

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