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An Enduring Love Of Cartoons

Sadly, Saturday Morning Cartoons have come to an end.  No network carries animated shows for kids to watch as their weekend begins.  It was a ritual that started in the 1960s, bringing families together in such a simple way.

My family was no different.

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Jeanne or Margot?

Talking with two of my writer friends, I started wondering if I needed to change the name of the main character in my future noir novel, Blanc Noir.  I’ve been using one name for a while, but another was suggested to me.  For fun, I thought I’d share the dilemma with you.

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Searching For Word Counts

Most writers, myself included, are slaves to our word counts.  They determine how long our stories can be, mark our success over time, and serve as personal trophies proving how capable we are.

It’s no wonder I stress so much over getting something written each day.

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Years ago, my sister mentioned that she read to escape from the world.  Her point was that if she wanted to see reality, all she needed to do was look outside or turn on the news.  Like me, April tends to read fiction, though I favor science fiction and fantasy more than she does.

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I’ve been away.  Sorry about that.

Let me set the record straight on a few things and that might help.

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To Seek A Patron?

In the Renaissance, art and culture were funded by those with wealth acting as patrons for the artisans.  In many ways, this was the ultimate form of “know your audience,” since the artist had to please one person, though anyone could enjoy what was created.  Those who had the funds could keep the artisans creating instead of dividing efforts between art and other work.

I wish there was something like that now, something that could fund my writing.

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What I Want From My Writing

There is often a purpose behind an artist’s work, no matter what the medium might be.  Paint, music, even the arrangement of words can all carry theme, meaning, and substance.

I asked myself a while back what I was after.  The answer pleased me–and set a challenge.

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I Still Have To Pay The Bills

Just over a week ago, I sat in the breakroom at work, reading a SciFi novel.  One of my coworkers, a man in his sixties, said, “You sure do read a lot.”

“I have to if I’m going to write.”

“You write?”

“Yeah.  I’ve had two short stories published.”

“Is there a lot of money in that?”

“No,” I said.  “If there was, I wouldn’t be here.”

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Table Layout

Modern writers need some sort of convention presence.  I’ve seen enough of my favorite writers set up shop in such a way, though others keep themselves busy with appearances, if they’re lucky.  Some writers set up a table and stack up books.  Some go for different layouts, working with other writers to set up an area that looks more like a showroom than a simple table display.

Everyone has different ways to go about it, but the important thing is to make a good show, spread the word, and sell some cool stuff.

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Quiet Condemnation, Public Praise

When I visited Jonesboro, AR for my nephew’s recent birthday, I stopped briefly in their Barnes & Noble, hoping to find a copy of a book I had not been able to track down locally. Looking around their store, I noticed a good number of people throughout the area, looking through books, sitting in the cafe, and relaxing in the seating area.

These are the sorts of things one would expect to see in a bookstore, especially a Barnes & Noble. I haven’t seen such a sight in the better part of five years.

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